Oil Painting Without Drawing™
The Art of Tonal Impressionism by Dominic Vignola
Online Courses and Home Study
For those interested in learning how to paint in the tonal manner but unable to attend our classes or workshops, a range of flexible home study courses are now available.  All courses include written and illustrated instruction, clearly explaining the no-drawing technique, and are suitable for students of all abilities, whether beginners or advanced.

  • Professional Instruction: Under this option, students are provided with detailed written information required for the course, as well as live lessons and personalized critiques.  After receipt of the students' work by email, interactive instruction is undertaken by telephone or Skype video-conferencing.  Students around the world can thereby benefit from individual feedback and personalized instruction on their work by Dominic Vignola as they progress.
  • Self-study: This option is ideal for who prefer to study independently.  Students are provided with the same printed information as described above, but the self-study course is undertaken without critiques of their work.

For more information about the courses, tuition, and availability, please see the Contact page.     
The video above is a clip of a 6-hour workshop given at the Learning and Product Art Expo in Washington D.C. in 2007.  It provides a good illustration of how the tonal painting process unfolds.
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